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Ronke Raji & Arthur Adeola Share First Year of Marriage Advice, 1 Year & 1 Kid Later!

Ronke Raji & Arthur Adeola Share First Year of Marriage Advice, 1 Year & 1 Kid Later!

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Any newlywed would tell you that getting first year of marriage advice can be, well, tricky. It can either end with great words of wisdom or tips that can break a home. But that doesn’t mean its never welcome. And that’s why we’re bringing some advice your way.

First Year of Marriage Advice
Photo Credit: Ronke Raji (YouTube)

About a year ago, YouTube Beauty Blogger, Ronke Raji and her husband, Arthur Adeola, got married. The pair’s relationship, proposal and marriage story is definitely one we loved hearing. Why? Ronke & Arthur not only work on projects together, but they also dated for a long time and show how beautiful that transition can be. And as we always say – a couple that works together stays together. 🙂

So when they posted a vlog talking about their first year of marriage, we knew they would have some nuggets that our ladies who are about to tie the knot or just tied the knot would benefit from. And we were right.

First Year of Marriage Advice
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A few tips

Their new video definitely has some nuggets we can all take home with us. Here are some first year of marriage advice we got from their video;

  • Remember to give each other space. According to Banji, spending time apart is pretty important when you’re newlyweds. “You can’t just expect that you guys will co-depend on each other because that co-dependency itself can be quite draining.” Have your time apart and together.
  • Mix things up so it doesn’t get boring. Try each others favourite restaurants, activities, hobbies etc to get more in tune with each other and mix things up.
  • Understand that different people have different relationships. It differs from couple to couple. Find your groove and make your own rules.
  • Ronke says It isn’t all about finding everything in one person. It is important to find happiness and joy in yourself and then find someone who compliments that. “I need to make myself happy and I have the power to do that. You just compliment my happiness. And you’re not in charge of my happiness and I’m not in charge of your happiness.
  • In your coming together, find your individuality.
  • Create the type of marriage you want.

They have definitely done some serious learning this past year. Enjoy the full video below to get more first year of marriage advice from Ronke & Arthur;

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