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Emmy’s Diary: And the Bills Go On (Part 1)

Emmy’s Diary: And the Bills Go On (Part 1)

Mehn, I’ve entered the real world! This is the definition of a married woman! Fine o, we are still in the euphoria of “Awon cute couple” and “Love in Tokyo” but the financial reality has now set in and things that I used to buy randomly while I was still single have now become a luxury. Nowadays, before I buy ice cream I have to think of how much worth of groceries that amount of money can buy in order to stock up the house. If you think I’ve become calculating you should see how HB reacts to bills and spending; He counts his kobo well, must account for every single one, and if I dare say I spent money on something he considers frivolous, hmm….


Check this; after 2 months of No Date Night, Hb decided to give us a treat. Throughout dinner we didn’t measure up the cost equivalent of the meals to grocery shopping or bill payment, it was just a blissful date, like old times but that’s how on our way home, after sharing a few jokes, out of nowhere he just asked “did you turn off the bedroom light?” at first I was going to quickly say yes but I remembered I forgot, and at this point I had to respond wisely. Well, since we were both in a good mood I decided to be jovial about it and said “kai, I forgot o, my brain nawa” – wrong answer. HB just vexed “what rubbish is this??!” he shouted, “Just a simple thing, simple thing as turning off the light! Do you understand the meaning of Electricity bill?” and he went on and on and on… ahan! Ordinary small bulb and that was even the only thing I left on, nawa!  Highest, the energy spent would be 100 watts, ehen? But I didn’t voice my thoughts o! I just begged him and after a long lecture on how I am no longer in my father’s house, we had some silence in the car.

Finish Emmy’s Story next week.

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