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Torera George Shows How to Make a Daily Schedule that Works!

Torera George Shows How to Make a Daily Schedule that Works!

How to Make a Daily Schedule

Torera George is showing us how to make a daily schedule in her new vlog. If you don’t know who Torera is, she is a lifestyle, DIY & Self-care vlogger who lives with intention. Her goal is to help you live with intention too.

Now, we all know how quickly days go by. One minute it’s 7 AM and you’re about to drag yourself out of bed, the next it’s 1 PM and you’ve barely gotten your day started. By the end of the week, you’re wondering how the week went by and dreading the same thing happening again next week. Well, one thing that could help eliminate this is having a daily schedule.

Daily schedules are great tools that help you keep track of your day. They help prioritize your tasks, set time limits and help you keep track so you are productive. But there’s a process to put an effective daily schedule in place.

In her new vlog, Torera shows us how to make a daily schedule that will do exactly what we need it to. From the steps you need to take to details that will help create an effective schedule, she breaks it all down.

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Here are some Tips

  1. Remember ‘the why’ – this is going to be the biggest driver. Why do you need to get this task done? Is it going to get you more money? Will it move a project forward? Can it help you buy a car or go on vacation?
  2. Time your tasks – how long will your tasks take? If you time your tasks, you would be able to determine how long each task will take and realistically schedule it to be done. If you take 4 hours to write a blog post and wish to create 5 in 2 hours it won’t work. Instead, set the appropriate timing that will work or move it to a day when you have more time.
  3. Do a massive brain dump – take a pen and paper and write or type down every task you have to do. You can do this for grocery shopping, work, cleaning etc.

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