Six Out of 10 Nigerian Women Are Mentally Ill- Psychiatrist

A university lecturer ‎ Dr Auwal Sani Salihu, has said six out of 10 women are suffering from mental illnesses in Nigeria. Among men on the other hand, four out of every 10 have below average mental health. He said this in Kaduna, at a workshop on mental illness organized by the Federal Nuero Psychiatric Hospital, Kware, Sokoto State.

He mentioned drug abuse as one of the major causes of mental illness.

Dr.Auwal, who is a Consultant and teaches at Bayero University Kano also said there were over 300 diagnosable mental illnesses. These could be mild, moderate or severe. “Majority of cases fall under mild and moderate, and these constitute about 80 per cent, while severe cases make up the other 20 per cent.

He  also added. “We are all vulnerable to mental illnesses. Men, women, young and old, all societies and all cultures.”

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Speaking in the same vein Dr. Muktar Gandanji said mental illnesses can  be treated. He called for more efforts towards promotion of mental health as well as quick identification and treatment of mental illnesses. He also called for the rehabilitation of those who suffer from mental illness of any form, and more effort to prevent drug abuse.

Source – AllAfrica

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