Find out how to use beetroot juice here, the prettiest looking juice in the world!


Beetroot is a bulbous, sweet root vegetable that most people either love or hate. It’s not new on the block, but it’s risen to superfood status over the last decade or so. Research shows drinking beetroot juice may benefit your health. Here’s how.

The best way to get beet juice is to make it yourself by processing fresh beets, including the greens, through a juicer. You can also purchase bottled beet juice at most natural health stores or juice bars. Some stores also sell shots of fresh beet juice.

Beets are naturally sweet, so you don’t have to add sweetener to make beet juice taste good. To cut the sweetness, juice a carrot or celery stalk with the beet. Beets also pair well with ginger, apples, and oranges.

There’s no approved recommended daily allowance for beet juice. If you have a medical condition that may be impacted by drinking beet juice, talk to your doctor to determine how much is safe for you to drink.

Beetroot helps reduce blood pressure, improves exercise stamina, improve muscle power in people with heart failure, slows down the progression of dementia, helps in weight loss, may prevent cancer, a great source of potassium, minerals, vitamins, and folate.

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If you decide to decide to add this juice to your diet, take it easy at first. Start by juicing half a small beetroot and see how your body responds. As your body adjusts, you can drink more.

So here’s to the beautiful and bright colour of the beetroot that can make anyone fall in love with it. So grab a glass of beetroot juice today!!

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