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Ahhh, Mother’s day, (the first of many this year).  Elizabeth and I were talking about how we have so many mothers’ day celebration every year, so much that we don’t know when the actual date anymore is. I guess you can say it is well deserved though; mothers are special and important not only to a family but the society at large and they deserve every celebration they can get. Someone once said everyday should be mother’s day and we totally agree.

Mothers are God’s gift to the world, the best gift ever. They might not be the head of the home but they are the neck upon which the head rests. I mean what is a head without a neck right? Mother is not just a word, like the doormat doodle Google put up during last year’s Mother’s day; a mother is a teacher, counselor, confidant, friend, chauffeur, cook, steward, role model, tailor, wife, nurse, maid and all the other many hats there is, most times loosing herself in the process.

These hats she wears equally for whenever the occasion calls for it. Truth be told, Superman’s got nothing on mothers. Being a mother is a full time job, no days off, no vacations, and no retirement plan. Mothers don’t get to choose when to be a mom, even when the kids are all grown with kids of their own their title still remains.

On this day, the whole world unites to celebrate every single mother out there, young or old, dead or alive, good or bad because you deserve to be celebrated. We are thankful for all that you do, for your efforts in raising good, upstanding citizens. Thank you for being our guiding force. We know how tough the job is, especially as there’s no handbook/manual or guide for the job and we are absolutely grateful.

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TW wishes to help you create memories with your mother on this special day, because she deserves more than flowers, perfumes, chocolates and an obligatory social media post. Tell us in 100 words why your mother is special and stand a chance to win a free photo shoot session with your mom. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but we only ask for a hundred. Send your entries to

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