Interview with Bukky George-Taylor: Insights from “Born To Stand Out”

In an era where personal branding is more crucial than ever, Bukky George-Taylor’s “Born To Stand Out” provides an indispensable guide for anyone looking to make their mark. With over 17 years of experience in public relations, Bukky offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice that is accessible and actionable. Her book, published by Narrative Landscape Press under its Prima Imprint, is a concise yet comprehensive resource for developing and promoting a personal brand.

Why “Born To Stand Out” is a Must-Read

The book is divided into three parts, each focusing on different aspects of personal branding. Part 1 introduces the concept, emphasizing the importance of creating a unique and recognizable brand. Part 2 delves into building your brand, encouraging self-awareness and purpose. Part 3 ties it all together, offering practical tips on elevator pitches, networking, and online presence.

1. Bukky, congratulations on the launch of ‘Born To Stand Out’! As an African Female Entrepreneur with extensive experience in brand-building, what inspired you to write this comprehensive guide?

Bukky George-Taylor: Personal branding has always been a service that my agency offers. I work with many men and women who have built some of the most solid brands. As the pandemic hit us in 2020, more people started to pay attention to what their reputation looked like online, and then there was more demand for the Personal Branding services offered by my company. It was time to write a book to reach more people who want to learn about Personal Branding.

Personal branding is a typical conversation around my circle; I have been invited to speak on the subject matter at various professional events and have written thought leadership articles. It made sense to write a book.

2. Your book emphasizes self-reflection, self-awareness, and consistency in personal branding. Could you share a practical tip from ‘Born To Stand Out’ that our readers can apply immediately to enhance their brand?

Bukky George-Taylor:

  1. It is important to know who you are, your strengths, what you bring to the table, who your audience is, and how you want to be perceived. There are questions you must ask yourself before you embark on building a personal brand.
  2. Brands are not built overnight; they take time, years of experience, and consistency. Write those thought leadership articles, take courses, optimize your LinkedIn, write your bio, get new headshots, attend industry-related events, serve in various organizations, hire an expert to guide you, etc. It is a journey to solidifying your identity and creating a persona that will stand out in your industry.
  3. Building your brand can get you paid, open up opportunities, open the door for new positions, and establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

All of the above will help you to enhance your personal brand.

3. Your book is rich with case studies and valuable stories. Can you share one memorable case study or story that illustrates the impact of effective personal branding?

Bukky George-Taylor: I will use myself as a case study. The moment I started effective personal branding on my brand, for instance, switching my name from “Bobby” to “Bukky”, this switch aligns more closely with my professional identity and goals. Adopting “Bukky” as my professional name ensured consistency across various platforms and interactions. Consistent branding reinforced my identity and helped clients and stakeholders recognize and remember me more easily, enhancing my visibility and reputation in the industry.

4. Your book is available on Amazon globally and at select outlets in Nigeria. In addition to these options, how can readers connect with you, learn more about your work, and stay updated on your latest projects?

Bukky George-Taylor: The book is available on Selar, Kobo, and Amazon. It can also be purchased on request via our Instagram page @borntostandoutbook.

To learn more about my work and to stay updated on my latest projects, follow me on Instagram @bukkytheprexpert.

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Bonus Question: Your collaboration with TW Magazine reflects your commitment to empowering women of African descent. How does your advocacy for female empowerment intersect with the themes explored in “Born To Stand Out,” and what advice do you have for aspiring female entrepreneurs seeking to carve their path in the business world?

Bukky George-Taylor: Collaborating with TW Magazine indeed reflects my commitment to empowering women of African descent, and this advocacy intersects closely with the themes explored in “Born To Stand Out.” The book emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s unique strengths, overcoming obstacles, and achieving success on one’s own terms, regardless of gender or background.

“Born To Stand Out” encourages individuals, especially women, to embrace their unique qualities and strengths. In advocating for female empowerment, I emphasize the importance of women recognizing and celebrating their individuality, talents, and perspectives. By embracing their authentic selves, women can confidently pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations and stand out in business.

For aspiring female entrepreneurs seeking to carve their path in the business world, my advice is to:

  • Know Your Worth
  • Seek Mentorship and Support
  • Stay Resilient
  • Network and Collaborate
  • Continuously Learn and Grow

“Born To Stand Out” by Bukky George-Taylor is more than just a book; it’s a comprehensive guide to personal and professional growth. Bukky’s insights are invaluable for anyone committed to building a powerful personal brand. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate professional, this book provides the tools and inspiration needed to make a lasting impression. Get your copy on Amazon, Selar, or Kobo today, and start your journey to stand out!

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