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Split Up With Split Ends

Split Up With Split Ends


By The Hair Whisperer

Ladies it is extremely important to get rid of those dreaded split ends, otherwise the split ends will continue straight up your hair shaft making your hair look dry, frizzy and downright unhealthy.  The problem will worsen; and you will end up having to cut off way more than you might like.  Cutting off your split ends regularly will aid in the overall health and appearance of your hair, and make detangling and styling easier. You’ll also feel more motivated to care for your freshly trimmed ends.

When to Cut Off Split Ends

Split ends should be dealt with as soon as they appear, you can just take off half an inch or so of hair. If you leave the split ends until they reach past an inch from the tips, you will have to chop off considerably more.  If you are prone to split ends, visit your stylist every six to eight weeks for that necessary trim of an eighth to one quarter of an inch.

Strengthen Your Hair

If you have had issues with split ends in the past, you can avoid them in the future by taking the appropriate action to strengthen your hair. After a good trim to remove all split ends, switch to a shampoo and leave-in conditioner that are specially formulated to coat each hair shaft  and protect the ends from splitting. Also avoid metal tooth combs and brushes and use soft boar bristle brushes or nylon brushes with tiny balls on the tip of each tooth to avoid breaking your hair (broken ends are much more prone to splitting).

Some people no matter how much they try to tackle split ends by caring for their hair diligently still get experience dry crunchy ends. In this case, protecting the ends in styles like buns and pin-ups may prevent them from drying out, and help you to retain length. If you really want to see some length retention engage in a hard core deep conditioning routine. Try to apply a deep conditioning treatment 2 – 3 times a week. Your hairstylist may have some good suggestions for an appropriate conditioner for your hair type.

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If you are vigilant about your hair care, having to cut off split ends can be a thing of the past. Remember that even without heat and colour damage our ends are very delicate they’re the oldest part of the hair and have been exposed to natural weathering and the wear and tear of styling. Always be mindful of your practices and how you handle your hair today, because you’ll still be feeling the effects two years from now.  When you properly take care of the very tips of your hair, you can prevent split ends from recurring and your hair will become that healthy mane that it was supposed to be!

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