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How To Take Care Of Your Hair Under A Weave

How To Take Care Of Your Hair Under A Weave

Last week, I wrote on the Hidden Dangers Of Protective Styling. I hope you learnt a few things and you have taken care of your hair this week ?

This week, we will still be focusing on protective styling, but we will be taking a close look at WEAVES in particular. Last week, I advised on how to take care of your hair under a weave in order to prevent damage, but this week, I will be going into more details.

So here goes!

Here is a routine you can follow to take care of your hair under a weave.


If you have dry skin/hair, then I recommend that you oil your scalp nightly, but If your skin/hair is not that oily, you can do this about twice or thrice a week. You can use a light oil like coconut oil which will help with protein retention as well as moisture. Fill an applicator bottle with this oil and apply it to your scalp only. Do not apply it to the weave as the sew in weave will get greasy.


A healthy scalp equals healthy hair and steady hair growth. So, when your hair is under a weave, you have to ensure your scalp is well taken care of. Invest in an applicator bottle with a narrow tip; this will help you apply shampoo and oils to your scalp.

Every week or every two weeks, you must wash your scalp.

How do you do this?

  1. Dilute a co-wash or shampoo with water and pour it in your applicator bottle. – make sure your weave has been detangled before this process and woven into bigger plaits to prevent it from becoming a tangled mess.
  2. Lift each track and apply, use your fingers to massage the dirt out and rinse.
  3. Apply a diluted conditioner in the same manner leave for 2-5 mins and rinse
  4. Afterwards, you need to moisturize – DRY HAIR BREAKS! Lift your tracks and spritz your leave in conditioner in your hair using your applicator bottle.
  5. Thereafter, apply oils to each cornrow and part on top of the moisturizer to seal in the moisture. Massage it all in with your fingers.
  6. Then take your weave out from the braids and dry your hair with a hair dryer.

This process is time consuming and its totally worth it, so you can have strong beautiful hair when you take out your weave.


I mentioned this in the last post, but I have to discuss it again because it is extremely important. If you are natural, I recommend you do a closed weave or a weave that blends in well with your natural texture. However, if you do a straight weave or you are relaxed and you decide to leave out your hair, Do not excessively use heat and straighteners to try and blend your natural texture into the weave.

Always continue to wash, condition, moisturize, seal and protect your left-out hair. Try heat free methods of blending your leave out hair with your weaves. You can use a scarf with gel or cream instead of straightener or use flexi rods instead of a curling wand to give curls etc.

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Make sure you protect your hair line – weaves destroy your hair line if you are not careful. They contribute to thinning of the hairline immensely. As a preventive measure, massage your hair with castor oil or a good growth oil as often as possible.

So that’s it ladies

Happy weave wearing!!

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