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Do You Think Wearing This Much Makeup Is Deceitful?

Do You Think Wearing This Much Makeup Is Deceitful?


This picture has been floating around the internet for sometime and it’s caused quite a stir. Believe it or not, both of the women in the picture above, are the same, unnamed person. Melissa Murphy, the makeup artist, posted the images on Reddit, with the caption: “Makeup. That’s it.”
The woman’s nose has been contoured, her new, false lashes, make her eyes pop, she’s been given higher cheekbones and the foundation has masked the freckles from her forehead to her chest.
I doubt anyone would argue that the woman doesn’t look drastically different. But some are debating whether or not wearing this much makeup is deceiving. Which raises a good question. If a man met the woman on the right and approached her, he would certainly feel a deceived if she showed up for their first date or woke up in his bed the next morning looking like the woman on the left.
The women on another site brought up the point that perhaps this woman isn’t wearing this much makeup attempting to attract a man. Perhaps she’s doing it for herself because this is how she wants to look. But then another commenter took issue with that as well. She claimed that if this woman went through these lengths to mask her natural appearance, then she’s clearly not comfortable or hasn’t accepted who she is.
One man tried to come up with an equivalent saying, what if a man wore prosthetic muscles that he later removed. Wouldn’t the woman feel deceived?
What do you make of this? Is this much makeup deceitful?

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