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Me and Mo’ Speaking Honestly

Me and Mo’ Speaking Honestly

To many the job of a publisher is glamorous! And yes it indeed is! To the extent that we have control of a glossy publication that shows us and any subject featured in living colour! All decked up in beautifully styled outfits and professionally applied make up!
It is a life many would love to have. Who doesn’t appreciate beauty? I always say everyone should have their photographs done professionally, because it can serve as a good morale booster.Seeing how good you can look can put a spring in your step!

Nice photos attract you to pick up lifestyle glossies and we at TW know that; but for us, and for me personally it is the joy of sharing inspiring stories that gets me. Hopefully you can tell when you read them; especially our covers!
This one with Mo. Is like you have never seen or heard. Speaking honestly with no holds barred, we see a ‘human’ side which may confuse some. Some others may capitalise on some of the info so freely shared and twist it around because they would rather put Ms. Abudu in a particular mode!
Anyhow it is, I thought I should share our raison d’etre. We pull up all glossy well photographed images to attract you to pick up and read some of the most inspiring stories around to help you optimise your life. We are TW…Truly Working for a better you. So when you pick up your copy (either electronic or print) know that our subjects are speaking straight from the heart because they trust us!

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