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A TW Cover to Motivate

A TW Cover to Motivate

The past weekend teemed with news and rumors of the backlash following last week’s bust of 80 internet fraudsters, 77 of whom were Nigerians. The most talked-about being Western Union’s block of all money transfers to Nigeria.

There’s a lot of negatives to take from this. The fact that a number of our youth believe cybercrime is the only escape from the problems of oppression we face in the nation is appalling on all fronts.

But allowing the labels placed on us, on account of our hooligan compatriots, define us would be the real loss. 

We are much more than just fraudsters and criminals!!! The plethora of hardworking female entrepreneurs featured in the August/September issue of the TW Magazine is a big testament to the fact. 

They are the Nigerian delegation to the Women’s Economic Forum 2019 in New Dehli. They set out to build a bridge between India and Nigeria and succeeded in forming a bond that shows women together can be a powerful force. They were led by our cover subject, Ebun Feludu, serial entrepreneur and content creator.

These NIGERIAN women are the focus of our magazine for the month and their stories can serve as an inspiration and a beacon for positivity and growth of the Nigerian brand.

Here are behind the scenes shots with our women of valor having a blast.

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