VLISCO Mothers’ day 2019, “The power of heritage”

11 March, 2019, HELMOND – For this Mother’s Day, Vlisco launches “The power of heritage” campaign at vlisco.com/thepowerofheritage, retail stores, and across the cities of Nigeria. The campaign was inspired by the beauty of family bonds, and how much we learn from the wisdom passed down from our mothers and grandmothers. Through a series of photographs and interviews, the campaign showcases three generations of remarkable women from two Nigerian families in Abuja and Lagos.
Each set of women talks about their tight bond, love and the stories and values that are passed down through the generations.

“It’s amazing to have 3 of us sit like this”
In Lagos, Vlisco interviewed “Skinny Girl in Transit” star Abimbola Craig, along with her mother Roli Craig and grandmother Florence Egbe. Roli Craig speaks with humour and admiration about her own grandmother’s entrepreneurship and dedication to her family, and Abimbola Craig talks about how, even with her modern work life, the faith and values of her mother and grandmother remain strong within her.

“She groomed me into the woman that I am.”
In the Hausa regions of Nigeria Vlisco spoke with Na’ada Joshua about her mother Hajara Friday Joshua, and her grandmother Halima Ballah. She talks about her mother’s strength and its positive influence on the way Na’ada herself is as a mom to her own 2-year old son. “She made it easy for me to talk to her…I want to be a friend like that to my son.”

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To capture the moments between these women, we worked with photographer Coco Olakunle, who specializes in capturing the superstar in every woman, revealing humble and extraordinary details. In the Abuja photoshoot with Na’ada Joshua and her family, Anita Chialuka Ebeledike of the fashion label Divalukky created three ruffle-rich dresses with complimentary headwraps using a wavy check Super Wax. While in Lagos, designer Joan Ibuzo of the House of Marie fitted the three Lagotian women in a magnificent new purple and orange Wax Hollandais with playful appliqués from our Wax Fantastique campaign.

Inspired by Africa, made with a technique derived from Indonesian Batik, designed in the Netherlands, Vlisco’s heritage and design signature is a multicultural melting pot of beauty and industrial craftsmanship. Founded in 1846 by Dutch entrepreneurs, Vlisco is one of the world’s most dynamic fabric design companies. With a renowned reputation for creativity and innovative craftsmanship, Vlisco produces distinctive fabrics that have been loved by African women for over 170 years. For further information, visit www.vlisco.com

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  • One constant thing about VLISCO – its Quality is amazing! And it’s great to have the Mothers’ Day 2019 celebrations with a top quality brand like VLISCO!
    Thumbs-up for the colorful photos too!

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