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I Just Dey Observe: Nneka the Pretty Serpent

I Just Dey Observe: Nneka the Pretty Serpent

Idia Aisien

One sunny weekday, TW had the chance to watch one of the most anticipated movies of this year – the reboot of Nneka the Pretty Serpent. The most exciting part? Nneka was to be brought back to life by one of Nigeria’s favourite media females – Idia Aisien.

Being Idia’s first foray into movies, we were eager to see how she would pull this off. Would it be hard to watch irrespective of the promise of a great time? Would it be a memorable performance? The jury was still out.

Idia Aisien

So the movie starts – and from the get-go, we’re intrigued. In our opinion, Cinematography plays a huge role when it comes to setting the background of a film. It goes a long way in staging the story and pulling you in, and Director Tosin Igho definitely picked the right crew for the job.

The tale starts with a sweet beginning and a sweet family, drawing you into their happiness. And a few minutes in, all hell breaks loose. We quickly encounter danger, intrigue, suspense and confusion. It wastes no time in building – and we’re here for it.

Now, what are our highlights? For one, Idia. Not just because she is our cover star, but because she brought her A-Game! While looking out for her ability to interpret scenes, we encountered much more. We were impressed by her ability to transform from one side of her character to another, her fighting skills (later learning she had to learn how to fight), and how she did justice to a character we all grew up knowing.

Secondly, the storyline… Read more from our new issue here!

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Idia Aisien

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