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What It Takes To Attract A High Caliber Man Like George Clooney!

What It Takes To Attract A High Caliber Man Like George Clooney!


George Clooney is engaged read the news headline! When I saw this last year, it got my attention; especially because over the years he had been labeled the perpetual bachelor. He had dated the hottest models and actresses, yet none seemed to be able to tie him down. Then after a whirlwind romance, he was getting married! Who the heck is the woman who had conquered his heart I wondered. Then I went into research mode and found her; Ms Amal Alamuddin.

The research gave me inkling as to why she was the one that tamed George and became the new Mrs. Clooney. So some statistics about her:
1. She is well educated in the United Kingdom (Oxford University) and United states.
2. She graduated top of her class with a law degree
3. She was named London’s hottest barrister.
4. She is fluent in three languages!
5. She is the legal adviser of Kings and ex US secretary general Kofi Annan..

Now that is an enviable resume that can intimidate the best of us. So what is the point I am making? This woman did not score George Clooney, he scored her! She has high value chic written all over her. Which brings me to my topic, how do you attract a high caliber man?

Firstly who is a high caliber man? A high caliber man is a man that has his act together. He has a sense of purpose and knows where he is going. He wants the best things in life and he is progressively working to get it. He is a gentle man and knows how to treat a woman right! He is smart, savvy, has a good sense of humor and takes care of himself. You get the idea? And which woman doesn’t want this type of man?

So from my study of Mzz Clooney (pun intended) and other women who attracted high caliber men, here are a some of my findings we can adapt:

1. Know yourself: Yes you! You have spent all your life with you, but do you really know yourself? What do you like? What’s your favorite smell? What makes you happy? What’s your favorite food? What will you do and where will you go if money was not an object? Spend a lot of time in self-exploration without the limitation of your current environment. You are in for a pleasant surprise. Honey you are a classy lady, you just don’t know the half of it yet!

2. Treat yourself right: Because baby, people will treat you the way you treat yourself! So if you want a high caliber man to treat you like a queen, honey buy your own tiara. What this means practically is pamper yourself the way you want to be pampered. Take yourself to the best places you can afford. Travel and experience different cultures. It will make you a more exciting person to have a conversation with.

3. Invest in yourself: Mz Clooney is obviously well educated and well rounded. So by all means invest in the hair and clothes, but also invest in your skills. Learn a new language, get a new degree and make sure you are in constant growth and improvement mode. Get this free ebook; 5 ways to be more attractive to men click this link

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4. Have a positive attitude: No more silly talk like: there are no good men; all the hot men are taken etc. Honey you attract what you believe! So believe and be positive that as you grow, improve and continue to become all that God has called you to be, you would attract your own high caliber man. And when it happens, please share your stories with me.

Culled from Five Star Woman

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