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COVID19: Are Nigerians Worried?

COVID19: Are Nigerians Worried?

Coronavirus in Nigeria

The outbreak of Coronavirus in Nigeria has been a serious threat to people and organisations all over the world. In some countries like Italy, U.S.A and the UK, physical interaction has been limited and communication has become a virtual affair, as social distancing measures have been imposed.

With 22 confirmed cases of the pandemic that is Coronavirus in Nigeria across Lagos, the Federal Capital Territory, as today -2sts March 2020, the Nigerian government has imposed some lock-down measures and banned public gatherings in order to manage the epidemic. 

But are Nigerians taking any precautionary measures? Do they see the news about Coronavirus as a mere myth? Has the pandemic affected their businesses?

TW’s Editor-in-Chief, Adesuwa Onyenokwe, took to the streets and got some interesting responses. Do you know some Nigerians think a car brought the virus?

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