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Bags! Big bags, small bags, shoulder bags, travel bags, cross body bags, purses and even the ugly bags, every girl must have one. Why? Majority of women tend to feel incomplete without their bags; it complements the outfit and sometimes, it’s just something to hold on to when we don’t know what to do with our hands in social settings.

However, it has in some sense, become an extension of everywoman as it carries almost everything, and there’s no need to panic in emergencies, as we are assured we have what we need – in our bags.

Many years ago, bags were nothing more than carriers with which you convey ‘loads’ but not so today! Bags have gone higher up our ‘accessory ladder’ and it seems there is an unspoken trend that, the value of your purse (and not what is in it) is what really matters – an irony. Right?

Now you can see why bags are always a hot topic, especially when they concern celebrities, and are controversial. Twice this year only, the internet in Nigeria went ballistic over the controversy concerning the ownership of Hermes bags!

In February Linda Ikeji, popular Nigerian Celebrity Blogger was accused of flaunting ‘fake’ Hermes Birkin bags; and oh yes, she gave it right back to her detractors, pouring as much vitriolic as she got! (Her exact words were ‘the amount spent on 2 bags could have changed a few lives if I’d invested it in them. But I’m bag obsessed, what can I say?’ Hmm….

Add to this, the recent furore over yet another Hermes bag. This time carried by our very own number one Nigerian female, Aisha Buhari, the wife of the president of Nigeria. She was pictured with a supposedly N40m worth Hermes Birkin (what is it with this Hermes Birkin sef?) and the Internet broke with comments and counter-comments on the issue. You know the rest.

No, do not get it wrong. Nigerian women are not the only ones obsessed with ‘expensive leather carriers’, far from it. Three years ago, the popular American rapper and producer, Kanye West bought his lover turned wife, Kim Kardashian a Hermes Birkin Bag (Hermes Birkin again?), which retailed at $40,000; and this is believed to have been one of the reasons she said Yes to him (this claim, although widely believed is not on record officially)

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Hmnnn… Looks like these days, its no longer how much you bag can carry, but how much your bag is worth that actually distinguishes one female from the other. We wonder how many of you agree.

So tell us, how much can you spend on a bag? And does your bag’s worth define you?

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