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Royce Samuel: The Man Behind The Hair Tales

Royce Samuel: The Man Behind The Hair Tales

The Hair Tales is set to revolutionize the hair industry in Nigeria!
What does it mean?
Find out all this and more in our interview with the man behind the movement. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Royce Samuel, and I own two hairstyling brands, Ceezys Styling (@ceezysstyling on social media) and The Hairmpire (@thehairmpire on social media), I am a young entrepreneur who wants to grow a successful conglomerate for myself. I also want to grow every community where I do business, and  I am starting with the hairstyling community.

Why did you choose to go into hair styling?

I’ll say a few things contributed to me going into hairstyling, but it was quite easy for me because most of my family members are into the hair styling business, so I guess it’s in the bloodline.

What is the Hair Tales about? 

The Hair Tales is an annual Hair Fashion Show, targeted at showcasing all things Hair – from creative hairstyling to quality weaves and wigs, premium hair products and so much more.

This year’s theme is tagged ‘HAIRVOLUTION’ – the inception of a movement to revolutionize the skill-set and perception of hair in all its forms, which is a very viable aspect of the fashion and beauty industry in Nigeria. There is so much more to Hairstylists and Hair Merchants, with respect to the different aspects of the art, our skill and profession. This is a chance to have a first-hand experience of the magic that goes into creating and beautifying the ‘crown’. It promises to be entertaining and inspiring; revealing hair trends and creativity to every woman and man who enjoys exploring hair options.

What’s more, the show extends beyond social media and the perfect photo moment we are all so fortunate to see regularly; photos usually aided by the processes of editing by amazing photographers. Now, there is an event where you can see how we create our amazing hairstyles and experience our art LIVE.

What should we expect from this year’s edition of Hair Tales?

There would be Exhibition from Purple Hair extensions; she will be showcasing various weaves and wigs from her brand, and I will be showcasing hairstyles on that day too. There will also be high discounts on sales of weaves and also discounts for people that book me for hairstyling services that day (but a deposit has to be paid that day to qualify for the discount). The rest you have to come see for yourself!

What are your thoughts on the Hair Styling Industry in Nigeria?

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For me it’s doing well, but it will be better; that is why am bringing up an idea like this. Beyond making Hair for clients alone, Hairstylists should also think about other ways to show their art, and that’s why we are starting a HAIRVOLUTION. This is a trend that is set to kindle the fire within every Hairstylist and Hair entrepreneurs in Nigeria, to be extra creative with our art, and build a stronger and prosperous industry.

What are your future plans for The Hair Tales?

Next year, The Hair Tales will be having her first award ceremony, only for Hairstylist and Hair entrepreneur. We are also planning Hair shows in 2018; there will be live demonstrations of hair styles, products enlightening, a proper hair fashion show (runway show) for Hairstylist and Hair entrepreneurs, and exhibitions for Hair stylists and Hair entrepreneurs. I plan to make The Hair Tales one of the major voices of the Hairstyling Industry in Africa not just Nigeria.



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