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#It Happened To Me: Kindness From A Stranger

#It Happened To Me: Kindness From A Stranger

A friend of mine just returned from the hospital after a long illness so I decided to go and see her.  Then I had just gotten the hang of driving in Lagos and since I heard it’s a straight bridge from the Island to Anthony Village I didn’t think it would be difficult to find the way to her house. I got there in one piece and with her for a while. I lost track of time and found myself leaving at past 10pm. I still had it in mind that I could reach home following the same directions but when I got to a fork on the road, I mistakenly took the wrong bridge and found myself in a very strange place. I tried to navigate my way through but I couldn’t, I  was lost and the place looked unsafe. I decided to look out for a pleasant looking face so I could ask for directions but found none, I became so scared as it was close to midnight. Suddenly someone tapped on my window! I jumped! I became so scared that I frantically locked my doors but I could hear the man shouting “are you lost?” Through the glass. He shouted like 3 times and I was about to drive off but something inside me just said say yes. So I told him I was trying to get to third mainland bridge and he told me I took a wrong turn that I would have to go back from where I came. He offered to show me the way back and asked if he could come into the car. I hesitated, i mean this is a complete stranger in this scary looking place offering such an act of kindness, it just felt too good to be true so I politely told hhim thank you and not to worry. I drove a little further looking for females to ask but barley anyone replied or gave me concrete directions. I almost started crying, it was past midnight and I was still lost. The man came again and shouted the same thing ” let me help you” . I just said a little prayer and opened the door, at this point he was my only option. This man directed me through some corners I would have never thought to take, he brought me out of the street and stopped me at the bottom of third mainland bridge. Once we reached, I brought out my purse to give him some money but he declined and said I shouldn’t worry. I was surprised! Not only did this man bring me to my destination unharmed, he didn’t even collect money from me!

I got home safely that day but couldn’t stop thinking about what that man did. You hear stories everyday of kidnapping and robbery and here was someone who just helped me out of goodwill. I pray goodness and mercy will follow him because he is one person that has given me hope in this country, there are still good people out there and that’s why I’ve decided to share my story.

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