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5 Business Nuggets I Gleaned from a Printer at Somolu

5 Business Nuggets I Gleaned from a Printer at Somolu

By Kenenna Anyaegbunam

Baba Osiberu’s T.O. Solar and Sons is a lifetime business; one which has stood for forty years and still stands today. We featured Baba, as he’s fondly called, in our latest edition’s Special Report. As my colleague and I listened to him speak about the things that have kept him going for so long, I glimpsed simple, yet fundamental steps for building the business of your dreams.

Here are five nuggets any entrepreneur can do well with.

Quality first

You can never go wrong with quality. Everyone recognizes and appreciates it, and will always look for it. The quality of your commodity should be enough to speak on the values and efficacy of your business.

A happy customer is its own reward

The customer, as they say is always right. The aim is to provide the customer with the best possible service and keep them coming back again and again. There is no limit to the power of good reviews and positive recommendations.

Progress in unity

T.O. Solar and Sons, being one of many printing houses in the locale chose collaboration over competition. As Baba said during our discussion “you can’t own everything, or know everything; you need other printers to help you. Also, when you collaborate and share profit, other printers will be more likely to do the same with you.”

Embrace change

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Advancement in technology has changed a lot in the industry and Baba Osiberu, a friend to change, embraces each new development with an open mind. Change in the status quo is inevitable and should be wholly embraced by any business owner willing to go the distance.

Accept failure

Failing should never be considered a reason to back down in any business, but a reason to get back up. Through many years in the business, T.O. Solar has seen a lot of ups and just as many downs. Accepting that no work is perfect and conditions won’t always be favorable will help you push through the hard times and allow your business thrive.

To read Baba Osiberu’s story, buy our latest edition here.

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  • Great notes for an entrepreneur here, it is really informative. I’m actually particular about the part of Quality – this aspect is very key to the overall long-term success of any sole entrepreneurship.
    Kudos to the writer for this piece.

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