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I saw a quote on a scker recently that read “You did not wake up this morning to be mediocre”
now this might be just another wring on the wall for most people, but it struck a chord deep
inside me. I kept going back to those words. Mulling it over in my mind.
As I pondered on those words, I realized that in our society today, nothing is as established as
mediocrity. Take a look around you, it is everywhere. In the words of Sean Penn; “ there is a lot
of mediocrity celebrated today that excellence is dying a slow painful death”
Many people are trapped in this space because it is simply comfortable to be ordinary rather
than extraordinary and mostly because of the fear to be di)erent. But the truth is you are
con+ned by the walls you build yourself. Embrace the fear but do not give into it. If you give
over to the fear it will consume you and eventually sabotage you, rather than give in let the fear
guide you.
Do not conform to the norm, dare to be di)erent. Have a dream that sets you apart and make it
your goal to achieve that dream no ma/er how scary, long, painful or exhausng the road might
be. There is a real magic in enthusiasm, it spells the di)erence between accomplishment and
It is never too late to start over, don’t stay stuck in your comfort zone. Someone once said I bite
o) more than I can chew because I will rather nibble on greatness than choke on mediocrity.
The goal is greatness; the me to begin is now. Mediocrity is not an opon for me I don’t want
that and neither should you. Make a conscious e)ort to be excellent from today in everything
you do.
Pep talk over! Have a producve week ahead.

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