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“Let’s Keep The Gay Marriage Rights Laws Away From Our Shores” – Adesuwa Onyenokwe

“Let’s Keep The Gay Marriage Rights Laws Away From Our Shores” – Adesuwa Onyenokwe


I wonder if people have really thought about the implications of the American Supreme Court judgement in favour of gay marriages across the USA. Before that decision and Obama’s accent to the law, it was illegal in only 37 of the 52 states!

However this development is a “YES” that may ripple around the world because the USA is the world’s big brother. They sneeze the rest of the world catches a cold. So that’s where my concern lies. Being gay will soon become ‘fashionable’.

Gay people are humans first and I respect that, but if it were a desirable state, then God wouldn’t have “created them , male and female” as the bible teaches! So I believe.

Because God is all knowing and never makes mistakes, He also must have created gay people too, just like He created the sick and the poor that Christ says will always be with us! What do we do with people with one defect or the other? We love them and help them live better lives, not legislate that their condition is acceptable. In other words I believe just like people with Downs Syndrome, for example, are minus one chromosome; people that exhibit gay tendencies are plus or minus one hormone either way. With more female hormones (estrogen), a guy can be effeminate, and with more male hormones (testosterone), a girl can be masculine. My layman’s theory obviously but it is simple logic.

It is also simple logic that if all men married men and women married women, where would the babies come from? Maybe petri dishes in the laboratories?

I know some will say not everyone is gay, but I wonder for how long that will be, because we all have tendencies to be adventurous and we may have many more people experimenting and going the lesbian or homosexual way. The fact that it is taboo holds quite a number of people back from even trying it. When it comes to the human desires our bodies can be traitors and take pleasure from even the most bizarre, depending how far we are willing to go. Barriers help reign our potentially wild desires in.

My summary is that anyone can be gay. Period. Though the tendency may be higher in some than in others, still it is a matter of taste and sight.

Also some might say barrier or not there are those who will try it anyway, I say yes but is that why we should make it a free way?

Please note I am not for discrimination against anyone whether I support their sexual preferences or not. They sure have rights. Since I do not understand ‘it’ forgive me if I say maybe they should seek more avenues to finding a ‘cure’ or a best way to manage ‘it’ otherwise, I fear the human specie may just go extinct like Pope Francis has rightly pointed out. But like my 19 year old son says “God created the world and He can surely fix it”, but then He needs human eyes, ears, hands and feet to do so, which is why I am sharing my opinion hoping it would change a few minds to have us all canvassing that this condemnable law doesn’t ripple anywhere near our shores!

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