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Chick Chat With Connie Girl: Serial Cheaters! Do Women Really Forgive?

Chick Chat With Connie Girl: Serial Cheaters! Do Women Really Forgive?


Hello Guys! It’s #ChickChat.

How long is too long to withhold sex from your partner after cheating? Do we as women truly forgive men for public cheating or do some women play ‘The Good Wife‘ role and stick it through to their advantage?

I was having a conversation with a close friend about how difficult it is to forgive and move on positively in a relationship after a spouse has cheated. Once the harm has been done, it’s the mending of the relationship and rebuilding trust that truly sucks. It is the hardest part no matter the partners remorse.

My friend mentioned how she knew a lady who it took 6 months before she could come round to having any kind of intimate relationship with her husband after he cheated. When I gasped, she asked me to calm down. This is very normal and for some it takes a year!!! This is understandable  when a partner has broken an agreement and hurts you deeply so distance is required. As a woman, I need space so I get it!

Looking at Victoria Beckham, Vanessa Bryant and even Hilary Clinton who dealt with public humiliation, it seems these women made the choice to stay and play their cards to their advantage. They seem to have focused on cementing their own identities and careers outside of their husbands BUT Hilary for instance relegated Bill Clinton to the couch for 3-4months and so did Vanessa. Does this same dynamic work with a Nigerian man? Do African women have the luxury of locking up the cookie jar and focusing on self? Doesn’t everyone tell you that that is a NO! NO! even when it’s a petty fight. It apparently only worsens the situation and forces a man out?

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Each woman has her own timeline to heal and recover but do you agree that if you truly forgive a partner, it should NOT be conditional and sex should not be used as bait? #Cheaters #PublicHumiliation #Forgiveness


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