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#MondayMotivation – Make Your Weekends Work for You

#MondayMotivation – Make Your Weekends Work for You

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Monday has a bad rep. It is the day that kickstarts what we all classify as stress: work, and as such, it is the day that gets the most hate. What if you found out however, that the real enemies are actually the days we love the most: Saturday, and Sunday? What if you found out, that you could enjoy your Mondays a whole lot better, if you did a few things over the weekend? Would you jump at the opportunity?

Well, today’s your lucky day. Here are five things you can do over the weekend, to improve your Monday and kickstart your week on an awesome note.

  1. Change your mindset:

There are two types of people: those who separate work from life, and those who see work as life. The second category are usually more satisfied at their jobs, and don’t mind Mondays. It’s not that they’re obsessed with their jobs, but they’ve managed to integrate it into their lives, in a way that it’s become more than just “to make money.” It’s not easy, but learning to see work as a part of your life, rather than separate from it, will do wonders for you. You can read this article for more.

  1. Go out less:

Not every Saturday must be owanbe or club night, sometimes, staying home to care for yourself and enjoy your own company is a treat, and if you must go out, make it a point to return home early. Strengthen your connection to yourself, a lot of our problems in life come from a lack of self-knowledge, or self-awareness, which takes us to our next point.

  1. Reflect on the previous week:

A lot of us live on autopilot, we never stop to observe our choices, let alone question their validity. Setting out thirty minutes to reflect on your career journey so far, and whether it’s leading to a place you like, will give you clarity on the choices you need to make going forward, and as we all know, clarity breeds motivation, and motivation breeds progress.

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  1. Set goals for your week:

Most times, a lack of organization might be the source of our discomfort at work. Dividing your weekly work load into tasks, can streamline the process, and give you something to aim for. The abundance of free time provided by the weekend, allows you to think deeply about your job, your KPIs at work, the problems you face, how you can resolve them and so on.

  1. Prepare for work on Sunday night:

This might sound trivial, but setting out what you’ll wear to work and preparing your office lunch the night before has its benefits. The fact that you don’t have to pick what you’ll wear or eat frees up your mind, and allows you to leave home and get to work earlier. That extra time at work can be useful for settling in, and preparing your mind for the day.

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