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Motivation: 5 Lessons from Banky & Adesua Wellington’s Pregnancy Journey

Motivation: 5 Lessons from Banky & Adesua Wellington’s Pregnancy Journey

Yesterday Banky W & his wife, Adesua shared a moving testimony – their journey to get pregnant. The story, which was originally shared on Easter Sunday at their church, moved everyone who watched. From how their journey affected their family to losing twins, it was an hour of impact.

Watching them share this journey left us in a familiar way. It was similar to how we felt when they first announced their engagement, to when they finally unveiled their baby boy. But this time, Banky W & Adesua left us feeling hopeful. We feel hopeful about our lives, future, circumstances and desires.

Today, as we get back into the office and sort of have to deal with the ins and outs of our daily routine, hold on to these lessons;

1. If you know nothing about it, don’t speak on it

In the clip, Adesua shared how she was mocked daily for not having had children already. With people online judging her, she felt like she couldn’t have an opinion on anything without this trump card being pulled. On the outside, it may have come across as her not trying, but in reality, she & her family were trying more than we knew.

Because you never really know what people are going through, thinking or suffering from – be it a woman who looks pregnant but actually has fibroids, or a young girl who seems like she doesn’t want to get married but in reality has been scarred by men. If your words aren’t kind and constructive, keep them to yourself.

2. Change your perspective

A lot can change when you change how you see things. It doesn’t matter what has happened already, if you decide to change your perspective about the situation, you’d be surprised how things change. If your job is stressing you out, your finances aren’t going the way you want them to, look at it differently. You’d be surprised how your attitude towards it changes your outcomes.

3. Share your story

We applaud Adesua’s decision to share her story, especially in a country where so many stereotypes cloud people’s views of women & childbearing. And this doesn’t just relate with pregnancy – it covers everything. From domestic violence in the home where the women are the abusers & rape within the family to sexual harassment in the office & unequal pay – share your story. You never know who your story is helping.

4. Your Journey, your path

No two paths are the same. Sometimes you face things that others don’t and vice versa. During Banky W & Adesua’s testimony, they clarified that their choice to discontinue IVF doesn’t mean they’re saying IVF is bad. You need to figure out what is best for you.

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This lesson applies across the board – just because someone got their job by applying door to door, doesn’t mean that’s the approach for you. You might just have to speak to 1 person and they’ll get you in the door. You have to realize that your journey is tailored to you!

5. Go Again!

Giving up is easy – you can ask all the entrepreneurs who let go of their businesses in the first year. But even though it is harder to keep going, it is the only real option if you want to see progress. Go again and again and never take ‘No” for an answer.

If you missed Banky W and Adesua sharing their testimony, take a look at it below;

What other lessons did you learn from their story?

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