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Lagos Helicopter Crash: Why we can’t release the names of victims now – AIB | Vanguard

The Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, yesterday explained that the delay in making the names of the six victims of Wednesday Bristow Helicopter crash in Lagos public is because the airline involved has not contacted the families of the victims in line with international aviation practice before making the names public. This is coming as the black box and the cockpit voice recorders have not been recovered from the crash site.

Making this disclosure yesterday, the Commissioner, AIB, Dr Felix Abali told aviation reporters that until the airline finish contacting the victims families, the Bureau cannot get the permission from them to make the names of the victims public. Abali also said he is personally in touch with the airline and will make the names public immediately he gets the nod from the airline.

China explosions: Fires still burning after Tianjin blasts | BBC

Fires are still burning at the site of two massive explosions in the Chinese city of Tianjin, some 36 hours after the blasts.

A team of military chemical experts is testing for toxic gases at the scene and rescuers have been ordered to wear protective clothing, state media said.

At least 50 people died and more than 700 were injured, 71 critically, in the explosions on Wednesday evening.

ISIS make rape part of its religion | BBC

Fanatics claim that the Koran ‘condones and encourages’ attacking women if they are not Muslims. Islamic State has made rape a central part of its religious doctrine – with members told the Koran ‘condones and encourages’ attacking women if they are not Muslims, it was claimed today.

The chilling development came as a 12-year-old Yazidi rape victim in Iraq told how her attacker insisted that what he was doing was not sinful – because she practised a religion other than Islam.

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Some 5,000 women and girls from the minority sect were abducted last year by ISIS, with the terror group organising a system of sex slavery including sales contracts endorsed by its notorious courts.

Australian women not meeting nutritional needs during pregnancy, Adelaide University study suggests | ABC

Australian women are not meeting their nutritional requirements during pregnancy despite most believing they are eating the right foods, an Adelaide University study has found.

The study examined the eating habits of 850 pregnant women from across Australia and whether they were following the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Results showed none of the women involved were correctly following the pregnancy nutrition guidelines, but 61 per cent mistakenly thought they were.

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