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2015 Budget, Disastrous for Nigeria’s Economy, Says Group | ThisDay

An Abuja based budget-analysis group, the Centre for Social Justice, on Thursday evaluated the 2015 Federal Appropriation Act, describing it as “frivolous, wasteful and inappropriate.”

The group, which predicated its action on the need to point out flaws in the budget with a view to effecting change in the 2016 appropriation process, said the economy cannot truly grow when government’s major responsibility is to pay salaries without adequately investing in capital expenditure.

“Capital expenditure is 21.36 per cent of the recurrent vote…we have got our priorities wrong. The recurrent vote is ballooning at the expense of capital expenditure and all steps purportedly taken by previous administrations to reduce the recurrent vote have been in vain. No country geared towards development budgets this way,” the Centre warned.

Full Text of Inaugural Address of ‘President’ MKO Abiola on June 11, 1994 | Vanguard

People of Nigeria, exactly one year ago, you turned out in your millions to vote for me, Chief M.K.O. Abiola, as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But politicians in uniform, who call themselves soldiers but are more devious than any civilian would want to be, deprived you of your God-given right to be ruled by the President you had yourselves elected.

These soldier-politicians introduced into our body politic, a concept hitherto unknown to our political lexicography, something strangely called the “annulment” of an election perceived by all to have been the fairest, cleanest and most peaceful ever held in our nation.

US spending on Islamic State fight totals $2.7bn | BBC

The US spends more than $9m (£5.7m) a day on the war against Islamic State, and has poured $2.7bn (£1.7bn) into the bombing campaign since the start.

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An international coalition has been conducting air strikes in Iraq and Syria since last August.

The first breakdown of US costs, released by the Pentagon, show that two-thirds of the total bill has gone to the Air Force.

Netflix released the entire new season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ early | Business Insider

If you’ve been counting down the days for the return of “Orange is the New Black,” good news — Netflix decided to release the new season hours ahead of schedule Season 3 is out on early release! Spread the word, yo. #OITNB      — Orange Is the New… (@OITNB) June 12, 2015

That’s right. You can start bingewatching all 13 episodes of season three right now.

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