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The CHATROOM Movie: Ibrahim Suleiman

The CHATROOM Movie: Ibrahim Suleiman


The CHATROOM Movie is set to premiere this Easter Sunday – 17th April 2022. The movie is set to shine even more light on the silence that comes with abuse. And we have the words of a few members of the cast & crew to tell us more about it.

Chatroom movie

Today, we chat with Ibrahim Suleiman who plays a powerful voice in the movie set to release this Sunday. We find out Ibrahim’s thoughts on issues surrounding violence & harassment and his experience shooting in the East for the first time.


How did you get the script and what attracted you to the storyline?

The soft copy of the script was emailed to me by our darling Producer, Peju Ibekwe, after she and I had met for a meeting and talked about what the film hoped to achieve in terms of highlighting a very present societal Ill that often gets swept under the carpet.

By the end of that conversation, I was sure I wanted to do the film. So reading the script simply reinforced a decision that I had already made.

Describe your experience working on set, with the crew and other cast and share any memorable moments with us.

It was my first time filming a project in the East, so I was definitely looking forward to it. The experience was a lot of fun because we had actors, dancers, comedians, vocalists etc as part of the cast. Every day was pretty eventful because you found out something different about each member of the gang. And the crew were a very jolly bunch. Our director Mr Ibekwe is probably the most chill director I’ve ever worked with. Nothing seemed to fluster him, and he always had a way of getting everyone to forget about whatever they were worried about and focus on having a good time filming.

He always had good vibes. Great guy.


What do you think people will take away from the movie and what are the highs they should look out for

I think it is important that people take away the realisation that as a victim, it is not your fault. And as a society, we must move away from victim-blaming, which would encourage more people to speak up and hopefully lead to a society that frowns upon all forms of harassment and impropriety. God knows we need to do better at this aspect.

One of the highs for me is the moment Ebiere decides that she will speak up in front of a live audience. A powerful moment.


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Let’s project into the future. Where will the next 5 years find you?

Hopefully being top of mind for the things I am excited about. I am an Actor, Architect, multidisciplinary Artist, and TV Presenter. I’m pretty good at all of the above. But I want to be one of the first names people think of when they think of those services. Also, I want to be directing for TV and film soon. Exciting times ahead!

Catch up with what Associate Producer Adesuwa Onyenokwe had to say about the movie and why you need to see it!

Watch the trailer below;

CHATROOM is produced by Peju Fadirepo Ibekwe, and shot on locations and in studios in Lagos and Onitsha. It can be seen from its global release date of April 15th on

It will also have its exclusive official premiere on April 17 at the prestigious Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos

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