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LISK introducing Inclusivity and Diversity Collection. For its 2020 collection, LISK embodies what fashion is all about with regards to Individuality and Inclusion


Inspired by the everyday individual, this collection portrays an inclusion in fashion. This collection emphasizes the fact that there is an outfit for everyone regardless of body size, body type, style preference, age, etc.

We have always been about the individual and we carefully tailor our outfits to suit them. We can’t help but show how versatile we are as we showcase different outfits that fit into the daily lifestyle of an individual from the board room to the
Owambe and everything in between.


At LISK Fashion for us is about individuality, the ability to buy and wear clothes that suits your style, specifications, and body size. The beauty of a customer wearing an outfit jointly designed with us gives us so much joy and is our definition of success.






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Photography – Insignia

Filming – Oluchi Nsofor

Stylist – The Styleinfidel Studio.

Assistant Creative Director – Yomi Afolabi

Creative Director- Seun Lisk 

Publicist and Shoot Coordinator: YD Agency.

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