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The World Health Day is a day set aside for global health awareness

WORLD HEALTH DAYWorld Health Day is celebrated every year on the 7th of April, it is sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as other related organizations.

In 1948, the WHO held the First World Health Assembly.The Assembly decided to celebrate April 7th each year, with effect from 1950, as the World Health Day.

The theme for this year is “Health for all”. According to the WHO ‘health for all has been our guiding vision for more than seven decades. It’s also the impetus behind the current organization-wide drive to support countries in moving towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC)’.

The purpose of this day is to shine a spotlight on the need for UHC – and the advantages it can bring.

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WHO and its partners will share examples of steps to take to get there through a series of events and conversations held at multiple levels.

Happy world health day from all of us at tw, remember, the greatest wealth is health!

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