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Three Interesting Female African Politicians

Three Interesting Female African Politicians

Africa has continued to achieve great successes in many areas, including economic and social accomplishments; however, for a long time, women in Africa had been relegated to the background. This is true especially when it comes to key issues such as politics and development.

Unlike their male counterparts, in order to be where they are today, a lot of women politicians in Africa have had to overcome many challenges such as social stigmas and economic setbacks. In Africa it is said that a woman belongs to the kitchen. Nevertheless, successful African women politicians have been trying to change this narrative to prove that women can also succeed in politics and be good leaders.

In most cases, women who venture into politics often have less money than their male peers, and some are even abused based on their body orientation and private lives. Evidence has proven that African female politicians have played a key role in redefining the politics of their respective countries, as well as the entire continent.

This enormous contribution has gone a long way to shape the political landscape of African nations. For meaningful development to be achieved, women have to be involved- seeing as they constitute a majority of the population. They also need to be part of making decisions that directly affect the population.

It is encouraging to see how many women have ventured into politics thanks to increased political awareness, re-awakening, and empowerment of the feminine gender. Despite being discriminated and humiliated, African women politicians have defied the odds and are no longer political spectators.

Here we take a look at three of Africa’s female politicians who didn’t give up on their political ambitions, and, as a result, have continued to influence national politics and drive economic change in their own way.

Africa's female politicians

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – Liberia

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf entered the history books when she became the Liberian President and the first democratically-elected female president on the African continent. She is Liberia’s 24th president and has successfully won two terms in office. Sirleaf is also one of the three personalities that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 2011.

Africa's female politicians

Aja Fatoumata Jallow- Tambajang – Gambia

Fatoumata is a famous Gambian politician. Having been appointed in September 2017, she is also the country’s current Vice President. Born in 1949, she grew up in the countryside and later went to school in Gambia, Senegal, and France. Tambajang is a mother of eight children and is known to be a strong defender of human rights.

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Africa's female politicians

Joice Mujuru – Zimbabwe

Born in 1955, Joice Teurai Mujuru is a famous Zimbabwean politician. She was also Zimbabwe’s Vice President between 2004 and 2014. Mujuru deputized Robert Mugabe, and she was the Vice President of ZANU-PF as well; in fact, she was appointed Vice President after the death of Simon Muzenda. She also previously served in various government institutions and was once considered to be President Robert Mugabe’s successor.


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