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A Dubai Just For You! Dive into Amaka & Jennifer’s Luxurious Dubai Vacation in Our Special Tourism Issue

A Dubai Just For You! Dive into Amaka & Jennifer’s Luxurious Dubai Vacation in Our Special Tourism Issue

Dubai Tourism

Hiya! Jennifer here. So, Dubai is at the top of the list when it comes to a lot of things. Hospitality, wealth & abundance, cultural appreciation, patriotism, vision – you name it. And a visit there would tell you why.

In December of 2020, 2 members of the TW team ended the year on a very high note. Thanks to Dubai Tourism, a very welcomed trip to Dubai popped up and little did we know what they had in store. Granted, we had visited Dubai before and based on our experiences, you never get the same experience twice. Dubai’s ever-evolving landscape makes sure of that.

Dubai Tourism

But this time around, I particularly wanted to immerse myself in the very essence of Dubai. Not just go through the motions, but have a truly transformative experience.

Maybe even steal some timeless & irreplaceable moments. And thankfully, I did.

For me, the trip to Dubai did a few things;

  1. It made me feel limitless – there’s something about the way Dubai operates that makes you feel like you can do anything. It might be their evident hunger for more success or the fact that they went from being a Desert land to building one of the top tourist destinations in the world. But my visit there left me asking myself – “Why not?”Dubai Tourism
  2. Dubai made me feel welcome – There’s something to be said when you enter a place for the first time and are greeted with warm smiles and an inviting ambience. Being a top destination for tourism, you would expect Dubai to have no choice but to be welcoming, but there’s that something extra that really makes you feel like you’re visiting a home away from home.
  3. It left me inspired – I’ve had a decent tour around the world, and no other place has made me feel as inspired as Dubai. Their attention to excellence, growth, aspiration – it all adds up and you can almost smell it in the air.Dubai Tourism

In the end, on my trip back, relaxing on that Emirates flight, I had a moment to think about what I had experienced for a few days; the people I met, the activities, the conversations, the time spent – Dubai is a different ball game. I can say that for certain.

So what should you look forward to in the issue? Well, we had a luxurious stay at 2 The Address hotels…

Dubai Tourism Dubai Tourism

…experienced the best desert safari with Platinum Heritage…

Dubai Tourism

…met up with Anita Okoye and her adorable kids…

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Dubai Tourism

…and had the best time with some pretty amazing ladies including Tomi & Motunde from BellaNaija.

Dubai Tourism
And with this issue, we hope we can leave you feeling limitless, welcomed & inspired enough to go beyond
where you are right now and dream bigger…just like Dubai!

Watch a clip from our adventures on the sands of Dubai!

Take a look at the issue right here!

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