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Roundtable Conversation – Feminism

Roundtable Conversation – Feminism

Feminism is here to stay; a slow progression that has taken the world by storm. However, the fight is far from over; now that the movement is here to stay, the question is? what do we do about it? how do we integrate it? Do all women have to be feminists? Plus, what do men think about it?

Find out in the final episode of the round-table discussion between Lanre Olusola and the men of the round-table. Listen to Lanre’s conditions for the acceptance of Feminism, hear Chef Fregz speak about his ongoing quest to unlearn the behaviors tradition has bequeathed men everywhere,;be enlightened by Meka’s dismissal of equality, and discover his proposed alternative, join Adeolu’s mission for action over talk, and so much more.

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