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“We Are Positioned to Make A Difference”! BLM’s Opal Tometi on How Diaspora Can Help #ENDSARS

“We Are Positioned to Make A Difference”! BLM’s Opal Tometi on How Diaspora Can Help #ENDSARS

Opal Tometi #ENDSARS #BLM

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder, Nigerian/American Opal Tometi is breaking down the #ENDSARS Movement. Plus, how the international community can help.

A few hours ago, Opal shared aa 5-min #ENDSARS explainer to show members of the diaspora how they can help. Opal Tometi has been lending her voice to the movement adding her voice and #ENDSARS content to her social media pages.

Opal Tometi #ENDSARS #BLM

Here are some actionable key points she raised in the video;

  • The Nigerian Government needs to stop the attacking & killing of innocent protesters and we need to support the calls for doing so.
  • We need to put pressure on the Nigerian Government to open up the halls of power to the Nigerian people
  • We need to pressure the African Union, United Nations and Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) to account for every single lost life, every single Civil Right oppression that has taken place throughout this #ENDSARS protests. And we need immediate investigation before the Nigerian government completely covers its tracks.
  • The people of Nigeria need to be able to maintain their ability to access the internet and social media platforms without censorship and without slow-downs.
  • We must echo their calls for the implementation for their 5 for 5 demands and we need that to be implemented immediately.


In her call for unity in black people across the world, Opal shared – “1 in 3 black people are Nigerian. Your friends, your neighbours, people you work with and go to school with. Most black people have some kind of connection to Nigeria. And for anyone who believes Black Lives Matter, that has to be every black life no matter the content, no matter the country. We are each worthy of love, dignity and thanks. And so yes, Nigeria needs real solidarity because our destinies are linked. If we get this right in Nigeria, the entire black world, the black communities will forever be changed.

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Watch the full video here.

Photo Credit: O’Shea Tometi | @Okoshea

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