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Ultimate Love: Where Do You Find it?

Ultimate Love: Where Do You Find it?

Hope you are doing well, keeping safe and spending more time with your loved ones. When the lockdown is over and COVID 19 becomes history, we’re hoping that your relationships would have blossomed and your skills will be sharper.

Today, the spotlight is on FINDING LOVE. We’re talking about the type of love that makes you feel butterflies. The spicy love between Romeo and Juliet. Rosie and Kachi seem to have found a love like this in the reality show, Ultimate love where they emerged as the ultimate winners! They also went home with a cash price of N5,000,000 and an all-expense-paid traditional wedding.

Are you wondering whether people on the streets of Lagos are also willing to find love in a reality show? Or perhaps, you are asking where you can find love. Well, we decided to ask on your behalf.

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