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Have more sex? 7 ways to get there…

Have more sex? 7 ways to get there…

Whether you’re still in your honeymoon period or you’ve been together for years, here are a few suggestions for adding some fresh romance into your everyday life:

  • Let them rant about an annoying thing at work or throughout their day without interrupting. No advice, no suggestions, just let them vent.


  •  Buy him flowers, don’t let dumb gender norms limit you. Everyone should be able to appreciate surprise flowers! (P.S Tape his reaction)


  • Write them love notes. Tuck it into their pocket before work, it’s a cute gesture.

  • Pretend you’re strangers at a bar. Sexy role-play can liven things up physically, but it’s also a fun bonding moment.


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  • Ditch your phone the next time you hang out. Be present, be attentive and appreciative of the relationship.


  • Work on a project together. Have they always wanted to write a play? Read their script! Help them edit that music video! Do a puzzle!

  • Do a spa day together. Being relaxed and feeling loosened up can really get sparks flying later in the privacy of your own home if you know what I mean.


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