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5 Signs He’s Playing The Field

5 Signs He’s Playing The Field

Here are 5 Signs your man is playing the field



Sometimes it’s obvious that your partner is cheating on you – he doesn’t pick up your calls, no more displays of affection, and he’s always busy.

But in this day and age, the player has evolved and with the help of technology, men have perfected the art of seamlessly juggling multiple women. No relationship is affair-proof so if you can’t rely on your womanly intuition, then here are five sure signs he may be having an affair.

1) Vanity– If your slovenly boyfriend or husband suddenly starts taking care of himself, then there might be another woman in the picture. 36-year-old Yetunde Sadare suspected her husband of seven years was cheating when all of a sudden he started buying expensive clothes and spending all hours in the gym. Yetunde’s instincts were borne out when after some careful digging, she found out he had started dating a young colleague of his.

2) Mr. Workaholic – All of a sudden it’s manic at work, he wants to get a new promotion, they have a new account, he has to do overtime to get your dream house. Check pay slips and bank statements to see if there is a financial increase. When Mr. Attentive inexplicably morphs into Mr-I-Am-Too-Busy it’s time to become Ms. Nancy Drew and start investigating.

3) The Phone- Michelle Fadipe, who had been with her boyfriend for three years found a second phone in his glove compartment when she borrowed his car one weekend. When she turned it on she found text messages and pictures alluding to his infidelity. A cheating man won’t leave his telephone on when he is with you because his other women may call. He may also leave the room to have telephone conversations. Watch for calls in the middle of the night.

4) Sense of Smell– Women have a keener sense of smell than their male counterparts and you should use it to your advantage. If you smell another woman’s perfume on your man, especially if it’s the same scent all the time, then follow your nose because it always knows.

5) Liar Liar- Njide Igwe, 43 tried for 20 years to make her marriage work.  “I have walked through the fiery pits of hell and made it back again only to find out he was at it again. After endless counseling and prayers, I decided to leave; I just could not deal with the lies anymore.” Watch for any slips like if he said he went to the buka with Tunde only to forget and later say he hadn’t heard from Tunde in weeks. Catching him out in small lies is a certain sign he’s hiding something from you.


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