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How to Get Over Your Ex – the Social Media Edition!

How to Get Over Your Ex – the Social Media Edition!

How to get over an ex

Want to hear something that isnt news? Relationships can be hard. Not only are you trying to figure out how to manage your life, now you have to manage someone else’s. Involve them in your plans, ideas, executions…basically your whole life. And then the worst happens – You. Break. Up! The tragedy! Now all that inclusiveness you spent weeks, months, years putting together has to be undone.

In the past, pre-social media, to get over your ex all you had to do was not be in the same place and resist the urge to call. Today, it’s not so easy. Apps like Instagram that brought you two close together and gave you a platform to showcase your love, is now one big trap. If you’re not running from his friends who you still follow and who follow you,you’re praying you don’t run into his proposal video on the Popular page.

So what’s a girl to do? How can you get over your ex successfully in this day & age of algorithms that insist you see his photos & videos? Here are 5 tips that’ll help;

Start off by knowing you are still complete

Most times, when we break up with someone, we tend to feel incomplete. It’s almost as if when they left, they took something that was there before they entered into your life. But the truth is – they didn’t. You’ve always been whole and you never stopped being whole. Just because your relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. Granted there is room for constructive criticism (key word – CONSTRUCTIVE), but that doesn’t diminish the amazing person that you are.

So, take some time to look at yourself in the mirror and know that you are still one heck of a woman.

Block/Mute them if your mental/emotional health is at stake

Getting over an ex can be hard, especially when you were heavily involved. This is why having them pop up on your timeline constantly might not be the best. If you feel like you’re finding it hard to move on, or they keep commenting or sending you unsolicited messages, block/mute them. Out of sight, out of mind. This way, you can focus on healing and attracting more positive experiences in your life.

Delete old posts if they mess with your mind

So you’re not going to his profile to check out what he’s eating or if he’s out on a Friday night. but if you’re looking at old photos of both of you, that’s not helping either. If you’ve been very public about your relationship together, don’t feel ashamed of deleting your old photos. Breakups happen and they’re part of life. If they’re bothering you and keeping you from moving on, send those photos & videos to the trash.

Try not to post about the breakup

There’s a huge chance that your friends and mutual friends will ask what happened, especially if you delete old photos. You can choose to tell those you genuinely owe and explanation. However, try to keep from posting about it openly. Although it might make you feel powerful in the moment, it doesn’t do much. Work through your hurt and do your best to move on. You have the power to.

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Focus on yourself

Have you ever noticed that it is when you search for something on Google, that you start seeing it everywhere – Instagram, Googe ads etc? Well that’s kind of how this works. The more you search for and focus on you and what you need, the more you find it. If you need to take a social media break, do that. Want to temporarily delete you Instagram or any other app? Go right ahead. Take the break you need to focus on you and rediscover your strength and work on your weaknesses.

And when you get back, it’ll be with a Bang!

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