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My Birthing Experience: How to Have A Safe Delivery with Dr. Adeseye

My Birthing Experience: How to Have A Safe Delivery with Dr. Adeseye

How to Have a Safe Delivery

Knowing how to have a safe delivery is very important. Not only does it equip you with the right knowledge, but it also eliminates fear when you’re prepared for the delivery.

Today, African Stories Untold will be talking with Dr. Adesumbo Odeseye, a Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician. In this clip she shares some insight on safe how to have a safe delivery, debunking myths and beliefs along the way.

According to her, here are some nuggets we left with;

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Prenatal Care

  • It is important you find a hospital that is close to your home, affordable and has all the specialists needed to see you through your pregnancy journey.
  • Make sure you sign up for Antenatal care. This may seem like it’s unimportant or a waste of time & money, but it really isn’t. It gives your caregiver the chance to observe you and pick up any abnormal signs early enough.
  • Do not miss any Antenatal appointments. The pregnancy journey is a long and delicate one. Regular meetings with your Doctor is best to ensure your body is in top shape, you’re eating the right things and the baby is doing as fine as it should.
  • Make sure you have your “Complication Readiness” and “Birth Preparedness” down. Not sure what they are, then watch the video below;

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