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16 Things That Happen When Your Sister is Your Best Friend

16 Things That Happen When Your Sister is Your Best Friend

She was there before you asked her to be. You didn’t seek each other out; the universe gifted her to you.

It’s for these very reasons that sisters aren’t always best friends. Sometimes, they’re not friends at all. Sometimes, their closeness drifts in or out with age.

But, if you’ve been blessed with the sister best friendship, these are 16 unique, irreplaceable elements of your lifelong sister love affair:

  1. You feel so much pride for her.

You’re constantly in awe of her. You are her number-one fan and support everything she does like crazy.

You are so proud that she’s your sister that you want to scream it from the rooftops.

  1. You’re not going through the same stuff at the same time, so you can be objective.

An age difference means that you and your sister experience different stages of life at different times, so you can be objective and give each other constructive advice.

  1. You bond over the weird/aggravating things your family does.

You and your sister were blessed with the same set of parents, so both you know the minute complexities of your family by heart. Some facts are just too embarrassing to share with your friends.

You bond over your family’s awkward quirks, but at the end of the day, you know they’re irreplaceable, and most of what you share is how much you love them.

  1. You have different personalities, but you learn from each other.

In friendships, we’re often drawn to those who are similar to us.

Good friends have the same sense of humour; they enjoy the same activities and bond over shared interests. But, while sisters can possess the same eye colour and facial expressions, they’re often starkly different people.

Your sister hates exercise, but running is your escape. Her car is clean as a whistle, but yours is littered with banana peels and gum wrappers.

Sometimes, your sister’s life habits and choices are so opposite from your own that it’s baffling. But, it’s precisely these differences that nourish the sister best friendship because the unspoken promise to support each other is where you learn from each other.

  1. She knows your darkest secrets and most shameful habits.

Your sister knows and keeps the secrets you can’t tell anyone else — the darkest of the dark.

And, she knows your embarrassing habits, like when you cancel all plans to spend the weekend in a sweatshirt rewatching “Dawson’s Creek,” eating cereal and wishing Pacey Witter (the master of the mid-sentence kiss) was your real-life boyfriend.

  1. She’s your go-to girl for brutal honesty.

Does the dress make you look fat? Do you look like you’re trying too hard because you’re wearing lipstick on a Wednesday?

Your sister is the one who tells you the harsh truth. She’ll give it to you straight, sans the sugar-coating. She can’t lose you so she has nothing to lose by telling you the brutal truth.

  1. Your relationship can be bipolar.

This happens because you have your guard all the way down. She’s family, so you can say anything without the fear of losing her, which means your fights can be really bad.

A tiny argument spirals into a World World III blowout. One second you want to kill her and the next, you’d kill for her.

  1. The number-one cause of your fights is clothes.

You can’t find your favorite sweater for six months and then, you see your sister wearing it in a picture on Facebook.

What do you do? You lose your mind. For some reason, when your sister steals your clothes, it is a million times more aggravating than when a friend does it.

  1. You require each other’s approval.

Your sister’s approval is a mandatory component of any significant decision you make.

She’s the person who reads important emails before you send them, tells you what dress you should wear to a black-tie dinner and provides you with endless wholehearted advice.

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  1. You two are telepathic.

She knows when you’re upset or when there’s something you’re not telling her, and vice versa. You get each other with a single glance.

Even though you two have different personas, your feelings, reactions and mannerisms are often the same.

  1. She’s the only one who fully understands and shares your love for the family pets.

You two share a crazy, possibly unhealthy obsession with your dogs and/or cats. The two of you discuss — at length — all of the reasons why you love them.

You understand that they are like real people. They couldn’t possibly be any cuter, and your sister is the only one who doesn’t think you’re insane when you talk about them in strange voices and watch them sleep because they’re so cute.

  1. If someone wrongs your sister, he or she will have your wrath to deal with.

Your sister means more to you than almost anyone, and if someone hurts her, you feel personally offended and will literally attack him or her and/or ruin his or her life.

  1. You have the same values.

Despite your differences, you and your sister live by the same moral code. You trust her judgment and you love all of her best friends.

But, neither of you is perfect, and you call each other out on your faults. You inspire each other to be better people.

  1. Your love is unconditional.

Most importantly, your love for your sister is unconditional, the way that love can really only be between children and parents, or siblings.

It’s that pure, unbiased, involuntary love that you were stuck with before you even knew her name.

You’ve experienced life together since the muddled beginning, and even though you’re obligated to love her, it doesn’t feel like an obligation; she’s your best friend and you’d be lost without her

Source: Carola Lovering, Elite Daily

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