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5 Ways to Make Time for Sex on a Busy Schedule

5 Ways to Make Time for Sex on a Busy Schedule

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By Seun Ogunseye

Sex is an important part of marriage, it boosts intimacy, burns calories, and reduces stress; all very important ingredients for a healthy marriage. However, because of our busy schedules and even busier lives, it can be difficult for partners to make time for physical union. If this describes your marriage, here are 5 ways to help create time for sex within a busy schedule:


In any relationship, flirtation is key; it’s difficult to be physically intimate with someone you don’t flirt with. Thus, it’s essential to include sexual innuendo when communicating with your partner through calls, voicemails, and so on. “Naughty” text messages and raunchy images, are welcome as well, anything to create the mood, and get his imagination running. Doing this sets the ground for sexual expression, allows you communicates your fantasies, and also creates an urgency to make time for sex.

Plan a weekend getaway in advance:

Carving out a weekend to go on a trip, or even stay indoors is one of the best ways to make time for sex, and if you and your partner have extremely packed schedules, making plans to free up a weekend might be the only way to create personal time for each other. Planning ahead also causes you to value the time you have together, and cherish every moment. This is best done, once or twice a month.

Dinner date:

Nothing sets the ground for a steamy session, better than a date night. The food, the romance, the honest conversations (that might emerge), are sure to get the emotions flowing, and of course, we all know what comes next. So, plan regular date nights, it could be once a week or every two weeks; whichever it is, make sure its consistent, apart from setting the mood, it also gives you guys time to be around each other.

Plan a timetable:

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This might sound funny, but if all else fails, you and your partner may literally have to look at your schedules, and select times you’re both free, and prepare for those days. To prevent it from becoming a mechanical affair, try to flirt as much as you possibly can in the days leading up to your sessions. Also role-playing, and other forms of exploration are allowed, as long it helps you keep things fresh.

Spontaneous Sex:

Sometimes there’s no observable pattern to our hormonal or emotional functions; sometimes the mood comes, and you just have to grab it. While you can’t create a mood instantly, you can build one up. Regular flirting, regular physical contact, and stealing a few kisses, and “improper” touches here and there, will communicate your intent to your partner, and when the opportunity arises, he’ll be more than ready to respond to your advances. Don’t dull.

Time waits for no one, if we keep postponing chasing what we want, there’s a high chance we’ll run out of opportunities. Don’t be that person, the moment is never right, create time for your loved one, it’ll pay dividends.

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