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Would You Dine Alone As A Woman in Lagos?

Would You Dine Alone As A Woman in Lagos?

Restaurants in Lagos

Restaurants in Lagos have gotten a bad reputation when it comes to their relationship with women. From reports that some restaurants openly refuse to allow women to eat alone at their establishments, to others that are more under the table. It’s safe to say that dining alone as a woman anywhere in Lagos comes with its risks.

Speaking to some of our female readers, they’ve shared what their fears are when it comes to simply eating out by yourself. There’s the unwanted attention from men, the preconceived notion that you’re trying to get a man, assumptions that you can’t pay for your meal, sad looks from people that assume you’re lonely – the list goes on.

But, we’d like to believe that as some people know, sometimes eating alone is nice. You get to spend time actually enjoying your meal, no small talk, just you and the beauty of your company. It isn’t always a cry for help.

Restaurants in Lagos

And as Nigerian lifestyle vlogger SisiYemmie has discovered, dining out with no husband, kids or friends has a lot of perks. Press play to see what her experience was like eating alone as a woman in Lagos.

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