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We Owe Fade Ogunro for these Major Tips On How to Network at Events!

We Owe Fade Ogunro for these Major Tips On How to Network at Events!

How to Network at Events

We all know that putting yourself out there can be quite scary. However, knowing how to network at events can lead to some major wins. You could meet that investor you need, that collaborator you desire or even get your next big client.

But the golden question is – how do you network effectively and get the right eyes looking your way?

Well, Fade Ogunro (Founder/CEO, Bookings Africa) has got you covered. She shared 4 amazing networking tips online that will help you make the most of your next event.

Fade Ogunro

Get your notepads ready;

Have a Business Card

This simple tool can be very effective. Granted, a lot of people would just save numbers on their phones, but having your business card will give them access to all your information at a go – your name, what you do and how to reach you. Plus you don’t want to be one of many ‘Temitope’s’ on your potential investor’s phone.

Plus, if they happen to forget your name, they will remember where they met you, what they were wearing and can find your business card in their purse or blazer.

Network Outside of your Comfort Zone

No matter what industry you’re in, it is always great to network outside of your comfort zone, or at least in a relating industry to yours. This allows you to explore more opportunities that you can take advantage of.

For example, if you’re a caterer, you can work your way into a Tech event where you can find clever ways to market to their niche.

Don’t Make it All About You

When it comes to networking, everyone is always out to find value. What value do you bring to the table? What is your investor getting in return? Take the topic off you and who you are, and focus more on what you bring to the table. And furthermore, why they should even stand/sit there and listen to you.

When people see value in you, they will come calling. So ask yourself, what do you have to offer? And lead with that.

Make Sure You Follow Up

Don’t just hand them your business card and blue proposition and walk away. Be sure to follow up. Get their contact, reach out after a day or two and remind them of what you are offering in a subtle way. Chances are they have forgotten or have misplaced your information. With so much going on, there is a possibility that they have moved you to the back of their minds…it’s your job to bring it back to the front.


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Major shout out to Fade Ogunro for sharing these awesome tips with us. Now you know how to network at events – and we hope you use them this weekend.

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