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Sterling One Frontline Heroes: #1000For1000 Health Workers Fund – Meet Udeokpala Stella Ekwutos

Sterling One Frontline Heroes: #1000For1000 Health Workers Fund – Meet Udeokpala Stella Ekwutos

Sterling One Foundation Health Workers Fund

We recently announced our partnership with Giving NG‘s Health Workers Fund to help raise money for Nigerian Frontline Workers. Currently, health workers earn a “Hazard Allowance” of N5000 and we aim to increase that to N100,000 for 3 months only. If 1000 people give N1000, we can achieve this goal for 100 health workers. And if 10,000 people give N1000, we can do this for 1000 health workers.

No amount is too small. It starts with you. Read more here.

To give you more insight and get to know the health workers this fund is directly helping, we will feature a health worker every Wednesday. Today, we shine a light on Mrs Udeokpala Stella Ekwutos.

Meet Udeokpala Stella Ekwetos

Sterling One Foundation Health Workers Fund

Stella’s Background

My name is Mrs Udeokpala Stella Ekwutos. I’m a Nurse with the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Edo State, Nigeria. I got the inspiration to read nursing at age 9 when I had a snake bite and there was a particular nurse that was so nice to me. That was how I fell in love with the nursing profession.

My medical school memories were tough. Hmmm, life in University of Jos was not easy due to constant crisis. I had to join Red Cross to be able to give aid to crisis victims and it actually made me always want to help medically in anyway that I can.

The First Time She Encountered Covid-19

Well, the first time I heard of covid-19 was in January 2020 when it started making all the headlines on television. I should say that it was mixed feelings for me because in my institution then, a lot of people didn’t want to work in the isolation ward and it was as if those of us that volunteered signed our death warrant.

I should say that God has been Faithful.

What it’s Like at the Treatment Center & Difficulties

The most painful moment for me was when we lost 2 patients within the space of 30 minutes and one of them just finished talking with his son on the phone before he passed on.

My most exciting moment was when we discharged a patient that came in unconscious. He was so grateful that he prayed for us before going home.

The major difficulty I have encountered so far was trying to explain to patients relatives that their beloved ones has passed on.

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Sterling One Foundation Health Workers Fund

A Special Note from Stella to Nigerians

Well, to Nigerians, I will say thank God for the wake-up call and for God’s grace upon us all. The major take away for me is to be grateful to God for the privilege to be able to do what I’m called to in a time like this. And I believe that each one of us is contributing their part in our own unique way.

Last Notes on the Health Workers Fund

My feedback to Giving.Ng – You guys are the best. Thank you all for being a great blessing to all the health workers. I hope to partner with you guys in the nearest future.


To join others donating to the Health Workers Fund, visit now.


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