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The Denim Saga: How Do You Know What Pair Suits You? by Hadiza Lawal

The Denim Saga: How Do You Know What Pair Suits You? by Hadiza Lawal


For a very long time, I hated the sight of jeans on my body. The moment I tried on a pair, I immediately threw it off. Before I lost weight, the excuse I gave myself was “I am too big and I do not look good in jeans”. Fast-forward a few years later and I shed a bit of this weight. Despite this, my mindset did not change. Instead, I gave myself excuses like “you are too slim, these jeans do not look good on you”, “jeans do not compliment your body size” etc, I feel like as women, no matter what we look like physically, we have had a phase or have a phase where we talk ourselves into believing that something just does not look good on us or is just not good enough.

It was not until I became more confident in my physical appearance that I started going out of my way to find the perfect fitting jeans. Shopping is very tricky and this is because it has changed over the past few years due to a rapid expansion in social media. Gone are the days when people shopped because clothes were a necessity. These days, people constantly shop because they actually want to stay stylish and keep up with fashion trends. So in a world where people are extremely conscious of the way that they look, how do you find an outfit that is suitable for your body type and is trendy or stylish too?

Today, we are going to start with finding the right type of jeans and knowing if it suits you or not. My first step to finding the right pair of jeans is actually trying on different types of jeans. It was not until I started exploring different pairs, that I actually figured out what I liked and what I did not like. By trying on different styles and different colors, it is so much easier to eliminate. For example, sometimes in stores you find that jeans are cut in different ways. You might find a pair that accentuates your body curves, or perhaps a skinny fitting pair. All these are things that you should consider when trying to find the right pair of jeans. Investing in the wrong pair of jeans can easily turn you off.

My second tip to finding the right pair of jeans is to buy the right color. Just because you like a particular pair in white, does not mean you have to have them in white. Jeans come in a variety of colors most times and it is always good to try colors out. For example, I personally would not recommend black on a slim person especially if you are not comfortable with your body size. This is because black will only make the individual look slimmer. On the other hand, black on a more voluptuous person helps to accentuate their curves and highlight their figure. In some cases, it also makes them look slimmer if that is what they are interested in.

As minute as the issue seems, finding the right pair of jeans is actually something a lot of people struggle with and a lot of you can probably relate to this article. Another tip I always give myself that I will like to share is finding out which brand suits your body type. There are companies who specifically make jeans for slim people or for curvy people. Research on brands will help you a great deal and will save you the time, and effort spent in making that trip to the mall or ordering a pair online without getting the results that you expected. Finding a brand that caters to your body type and shape makes it so much easier and releases you off that extra stress. If at all you decide to branch out of your comfort zone, be sure to take accurate measurements of yourself and read the size guide of where you decide to purchase your new pair of jeans. Also, if possible get a stylist to help you out because they are much better at explaining and helping you find your right size.

Speaking about right size, the size of jeans you decide to buy is also very important. You should NEVER for any reason get a size too small or a size too big. A size too small would not do the work and you will always have to replace your jeans. A size too big gives the same effect because you will not get wear out of it. The moment you realize they are too big and do not look flattering, they become an irritant in your wardrobe. So always stay true to your size. With that being said, I do hope this can help in guiding you to your perfect pair.

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