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Do You Give Up on Your Workouts Easily? Here Are Some Tips to Keep you Going!

Do You Give Up on Your Workouts Easily? Here Are Some Tips to Keep you Going!

How to be consistent wirh working out

It is extremely important to know how to be consistent with working out. Regular exercise goes a long way in maintaining both our physical and mental health. Exercising regularly is one of the best lifestyle choices you can make to live a happy and healthy life.

However, we can’t deny that it is tough to fit in the time to work out when you already have a million things to do on your schedule and even when have time to fix in working out to your schedule, how consistent are you?

How to be consistent wirh working out

We’ve come up with some effective tips that will show you how to be consistent with working out. Try them out!

Have Motivation (Know Your Why)

Finding your motivation to work out is absolutely essential in ensuring that you stick to your exercise routine. Most people can vaguely describe why they want to work out (to lose weight, to prevent heart disease, to look great in clothing), but rarely do people take the time to really dig deeper to discover why exercise is important to them.

Take the time to find out what your specific motivation is for working out, write it down and reflect on it daily! Put a sign on your fridge, set reminders on your phone, keep a sticky note on your bathroom mirror. Make sure it is very specific and compelling enough to actually motivate you.

How to be consistent wirh working out

Pay for It

Spending money for your gym registration will definitely get you motivated to show up and work out! Pre-pay for your exercise classes in advance.

Buy yourself some new workout gear. Buy yourself a new workout gadget, like headphones, yoga mats, dumbbells, etc. Hire a trainer if you want hands-on help at the gym or try working with a health coach if you need help staying consistent with your workout of choice.

Now, after spending some money, you will definitely have the motivation to work out.

Schedule Your Workout Routine

Be systematic and plan your workouts. Look at your calendar and see when, where, and how much time you have to exercise on certain days. Put it on your calendar and block off that time! I plan all of my workouts on Sunday, put them on my calendar, and adjust whenever I need to throughout the week.

Do Not Do It Alone

Accountability is one of the most effective ways to achieve your goals. Try these ways to implement accountability so you can be more consistent with your workouts.

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How to be consistent wirh working out

Here are some of the ways you can up your accountability game;

  • Workout with a friend or loved one
  • Join an exercise or sports team or group
  • Track your activity and be active with online exercise communities like Fit Bit or My Fitness Pal.
  • Work with a health coach or personal trainer.

Measure Your Progress

The most important way to motivate yourself to be consistent with your workout routine is to measure your progress. Nothing motivates a person more than seeing progress being made.


Write down your accomplishments every month so you have evidence of all the great stuff you have done. I recommend noting outcomes and behaviours that you have accomplished, both big and small.

There you have it. Now tell us, how do you ensure you are consistent with working out?

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