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MondayMotivation – 4 Quotes to See You Through The Week.

MondayMotivation – 4 Quotes to See You Through The Week.

Shut down! Shut down!

It’s about two weeks till the end of the year and with all the fun activities lined up, it’s almost like there was no weekend. We won’t lie and say that it’s not easy to hang your boots and call it a day till next year, but it’s our duty to remind you of your own awesomeness. You are a winner and winners don’t quit; they don’t stop until they hit gold. So, we are going to keep going until we turn these lofty dreams and aspirations into reality.
Here’s a list of motivational quotes to keep you fired up and excited about this week’s work.

  • In case you’re sitting and wondering why you have to work instead of chilling on an island in the Caribbean. Here’s one from John F. Kennedy “If not us, who? If not now, when?”


  • For those feelings uninspired about the seemingly short time remaining in the year. Don’t stop dreaming, there’s still enough time to make something magical, and according to Benjamin Mays “The tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach”


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  • For those who can’t wait to begin the holiday. Pat McGrath has this to say “With persistence, hard work and a whole lot of fantasy anything is possible”


  • Lastly, for those who think this year has been one big unsuccessful year, Robert Collier has a mantra to help you make the most of next year: “Success is the result of small efforts repeated day in day out”


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