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Tochi Anueyiagu aka Yogi Tochi Shares the Tools & Mechanisms for Living a Balanced Life

Tochi Anueyiagu aka Yogi Tochi Shares the Tools & Mechanisms for Living a Balanced Life

How to Live a Balanced Life

Everyone wants to know how to live a balanced life. Every now and then, that feeling of dissatisfaction creeps in and you start to wonder ‘what if’- especially if you’re not where you desire to be. We get it, seriously.

The first thing we’d say is that you need to know that you are responsible for your feelings. This is something Wellness Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher & Meditation Guide, Yogi Tochi, found out for herself. On her journey to finding self-love and building a balanced life, she discovered a few gems. And in our Wellness issue, she shares these gems with us.

How to Live a Balanced Life

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“You are responsible for your feelings”. This is something I only just realized on my own newly discovered quest into self-awareness. I had to journey to understand that YOU ARE ENOUGH. I AM ENOUGH. I know that now.

On this journey, I also discovered that it is important to have an authentic relationship with yourself. For me, I had to realize I lived under a self-imposed system of programming. My ‘Aha!’ moment came when I reflected on and recognized patterns in my life. It was then that my ‘triggers’ became more visible. And as I identified these ‘triggers’, I noticed I engaged in habitual behaviours that were unhealthy for my peace of mind and well-being.

So, I have managed to use this new information to fix my programming? By adopting a few strategic and not to strategic tools (I allow myself to be flexible and am patient with my process).


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I must say, this journey may take some time. While it lasts, you have to take your time and be patient and gentle with your process. It will not be a walk in the park because you have to be completely & 100% honest with yourself. To know someone, you need to talk to them and learn more about them and their experiences. So do the same for YOU! Have a conversation with yourself, make yourself laugh by telling yourself a joke – experience you. Things will get more transparent the more self-aware you become.

To help you along this journey, I’ll now share some tools for a more peaceful heart and mind that have helped me live a balanced life;

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1. Prepare yourself mentally. I go to a quiet space to remains till. Sometimes I sit in silence, and other times I sit with God.


2. Add some essential oils to the air. I like to ensure my environment has some essence of oils in the air with candles or a humidifier.

3. Stretch! I stretch my entire body or focus the stretch on areas with loaded tension for extra physical relief.

4. Add yoga flows to your routine. I use this to on a daily basis when possible.

5. Start & keep a journal. I journal my thoughts, experiences, how they made/make me feel, and reflect on these as a tool to grow and learn from mistakes. Journaling is therapeutic.

There’s more where this came from. Read the full article here.

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