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The Easter holidays are just around the corner, typically a lot of feasting goes on during the holiday. As women, we come up with countless excuses to escape working out.

Now is the time to take care of yourself and take a step forward to attain your desired weight. You do not necessarily have to go on a diet, it could be a lifestyle change that involves you leading a healthy way of life. The best way to lose weight, live fit, stay young with as much determination as possible is to take care of your body, a little progress a day adds up to great result.

The following tips should give you unlimited access to team fit fam.


There are several debates as to whether red meat should have a place in your diet or not due to its relatively high fat and energy content, beef contains 250 calories, but what you should really ditch is fatty beef.Red meat has been linked to increased risks of developing heart diseases, diabetes, and some cancers. The only beef that is not canceled is lean meat which should equally be consumed in moderation. Healthier substitutions are eggs, white meat like chicken and fish.

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The body achieves what the mind believes. You need to make the atmosphere, your environment and everywhere you find yourself, your gym!  You do not necessarily have to buy expensive equipment or sign up at a gym before partaking in a form of exercise or workout plan. Make use of the things around you, start by taking walks, using the stairs instead of the elevator, using fly over bridges; these provide a flight of stairs, you will be surprised at how much fat you are burning by just engaging in these simple exercises that will cost you next to nothing.


Roll up your sleeves, stop wishing and start doing, learn how to make your own healthy version of your favorite food. This will not only save you thousands of Naira but it is also a great way of not denying yourself a few of your favorite things. You can make a few creative substitutes such as fatty meat for lean meat, noodles for cabbage, white rice for brown rice or bulgur, groundnut oil for olive oil.



Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients including potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C. Eating vegetables in form of salads are a great way to go if you are trying to lose weight but you might spend way more than you expect if you buy daily from fast food outlets.A cheaper way will be a bulk purchase, get a few carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, beetroot or whatever you like in your salad and prepare yours at home. This way you are eating healthy and spending less money.

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Water is absolutely fundamental to long-term health as opposed to sugar-laden beverages or sodas. Drinking water will save you calories and money as well as aid your weight loss plan. Water suppresses appetite, aids digestion, fights bloating, flushes out toxins and stops you from confusing hunger and thirst. So how about water?


This is completely free of charge and effective for weight loss. Proper sleep can help you avoid excess weight gain and overtime, lose weight. When you do not sleep enough, your cortisol level rise. This is the stress hormone that is frequently associated with weight gain.

Your body is your most precious possession; take care of it! Are you signing up for team fit fam or not? We would love to hear from you!

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  • Kmt…maybe if i sleep more i’ll lose some of this weight…cos i am doing every other thing properly but i still seem to be gaining weight.

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