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Introducing Exercise To Your Schedule.

Introducing Exercise To Your Schedule.

Do you know that you’re probably thirty days away from experiencing new levels of energy, mental clarity, and zeal for life? Yes, a whole month of 50 daily push-ups can do wonders for your posture and upper body physique, and that’s even less effort than the expert recommended fitness quota of 40 minutes a day. This is certainly not something to be sleeping on.

Yet, time can be a heavy constraint. Finding time to workout is challenging when your schedule feels fully packed, but if the saying “health is wealth” packs any truth, then finding time to exercise is as important finding time for work.

So, how do you find that time? Here are five (5) easy steps we’ve found to help:

Take exercise breaks
If you have the benefit of a full office, here’s one way to fit exercise into your busy schedule: consider closing the door once or twice per day to get in a quick bodyweight workout. Working at a standing desk, taking regular stretch breaks, and getting up to walk around between assignments are also good habits to adopt. You’ll stay more alert in the office, and start to undo the negative effects of sitting all day.

Be more efficient
Pick a workout form that you can do almost anywhere, whether you’re traveling or getting home from the office late. Ideally, this will be a form of exercise that doesn’t require much preparation (maybe save the wind surfing for the weekend) and that accomplishes significant physical gains in a short period of time. Here are some examples.

Track Your Activity Levels
“If you don’t measure it, it doesn’t exist”. It’s a slight exaggeration, yes, but this old saying really has some truth to it, especially when it comes to exercise. Make a note in your calendar every time you work out, and add up your workout sessions at the end of each week, month, and year so you can monitor your progress and identify areas for improvement. This method is a good way to track your progress.

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Something Over Nothing
Sometimes it may seem near impossible to get a complete, effective workout. But some exercise is virtually always better than none. On days you can’t keep up with a routine it’s still okay to shoot below par. Or you can try these forty (40) exercises that don’t feel like exercise.

Have Fun
If workouts always feel like a chore, we won’t bother to do them at all. Consider a workout that you find fun. Not only will you be more likely to fit exercise into your busy schedule when your workout is enjoyable, but you’ll also be excited to make the time.

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  • Yes, I totally agree with this piece on the importance of exercise. And it sure makes it easier when it is done as having fun.

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